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2023 Update: Our past guests - where are they now?

This episode we’re doing something different. We’re visiting some of the most compelling stories and CEOs of our earlier editions, to update their journeys. I wanted to do this for two reasons.

  • The people in this industry are some of the grittiest, most determined, and most philanthropic, in terms of their commitment to their science and patients, people that I have ever known.

  • By following these individual journeys I hope somehow to demonstrate the incredibly fast pace of innovations taking place.

Our guests are:

  • Abdulkader Rahmo, PhD

  • Torrey Smith

  • Dr. Nikhil Shah

  • Tan Rasab

  • Jacob Glanville

Yes, our founders face challenges as they race to bring their systems and therapies to patients. I started this podcast with my own expression of support and inspiration coming from their selfless pursuit of progress for patients. Thank you for joining us for today’s podcast, and enjoy!


The information contained in this website and podcast are purely informational and not considered investment recommendations. Tim Dougherty’s participation in Biotech Insights is separate and apart from his role as an investment advisor representative. Nothing contained herein may be construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any of the companies discussed. Tim Dougherty has no financial affiliation with any of the companies mentioned in this communication. Tim Dougherty makes no representation that the information conveyed in this material is accurate and is under no obligation to update this information as changes occur.

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