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Are we on the verge of a biologic breakthrough?

There are currently the following bottlenecks to the manufacturing of biologics, or medications such as gene therapies, vaccines, and etc. that are derived from organic sources such as plants or animals.

The obstacles to large scale biologic dissemination are:

1. Delivering the biologic to the target

2. Manufacturing, producing it at scale

3. Selecting patients for clinical trials in a way that enhances the efficacy of the trial

These challenges have, up until now, made biologics more expensive to administer and that higher price tag can make access limited to the population at large. Significant improvement will come when those bottlenecks release.

Are we on the verge of a breakthrough?

We are pleased to interview Dr. Alexander Koglin, co-founder and CSO of Nature’s Toolbox, in this month’s show who will discuss the progress that is being made in biomanufacturing and what it may mean for society.

Enjoy the show!

Alexander Koglin, PhD

Alex received his PhD in biophysical chemistry from the University in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany. He was a Postdoc at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, and an Oppenheimer Fellow at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, NM. Alex focuses on bioinformatic analysis of natural product biosynthetic clusters.

About Nature’s Toolbox

Nature’s Toolbox, Inc. (NTx) is an early-stage life sciences and bioinformatics company based in Rio Rancho, NM. The company has patented two host-independent manufacturing platforms which can be applied from small-scale pharmaceutical drug discovery to commercial scale production of biologics and therapeutics. Our vision is to provide life science tools for a healthier world by delivering high quality materials for a diverse product portfolio, offering solutions for difficult-to-make biologics, and generating drug leads for clinical development.


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