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Capturing endoscopic surgical procedures on “TV” is now a thing!

In past episodes, we’ve been focusing on founders and companies who are working to overcome the three biggest bottlenecks in healthcare innovation. As we’ve said, technology has helped us better identify targets and the therapeutics to attack those targets.

But the bottlenecks come in other places.

  • They come in terms of the delivery of those therapeutics, which is often where the safety issues lie.

  • There are issues within the manufacturing of those therapeutics at scale for trials.

  • There are challenges with widespread availability once the therapeutic is approved.

  • As the field gets more crowded, identifying appropriate patient participants for trials has become ever more difficult, extending the time to completion and therefore the time to a drug actually hitting the market.

  • Today we are going to discuss advancements in improving the efficiency of those clinical trials. Our guest is Ian Strug who is the co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Virgo Surgical Video Solutions. Virgo provides cloud video capture, management, and artificial intelligence analysis for endoscopic medicine.

We discuss:

  • How Virgo got started by two friends who met in college at Vanderbilt

  • The process for capturing surgical procedures using videography

  • How it may fit into a typical enterprise system

  • Their first client engagement

  • Why he goes against the grain in terms of pilot programs and his best practices for initial use

  • How this influences endoscopic patient outcomes

  • Their efforts with improving diversity in recruiting for clinical trials

  • Ancillary revenue streams and the challenges that come along with them

  • Managing the finances for the startup in a way that is positive for the team

But don’t just take our word for it! Listen to the show.

About Ian Strug

Ian Strug is the Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of Virgo, a digital healthcare company based in San Francisco. Virgo is the new best practice for endoscopic video recording, and serves both healthcare provider groups and the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies with its cloud-based, AI-driven platform for endoscopic videorecording and study subject management.

Originally from Greater Boston, Mr. Strug received his undergraduate degrees from Vanderbilt University and received his postgraduate education at George Washington University. Prior to founding Virgo, Mr. Strug worked as a management consultant and health IT expert, serving many of the nation’s most eminent leaders in the Offices of the CIO and CEO at academic and integrated healthcare delivery systems across the USA. He began his career as a product specialist and implementation manager at Epic Systems and The Advisory Board Company, respectively.

In his spare time, he enjoys long alpine rock climbing, learning new musical instruments, Patriots football, and planning his next adventure with his wife, Abby. You can find more information about Virgo at You can also follow Virgo on Twitter @virgosvs.


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