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From Jurassic Park to the cutting edge of mRNA innovation: the story of Dr. Pooja Tiwari

Recently on the Biotech and Life Science CEO’s podcast, we’ve been talking about the speed at which change is occurring in the life sciences. And nowhere is that clearer than in the field of mRNA. By now everyone must know that the COVID vaccines were created literally days after the genome of the virus had been sequenced. But I don’t think we’ve still processed what that really means.

Our guest today is Dr. Pooja Tiwari, the founder of Arnav Biotech, dedicated to the design and manufacture of both custom and cataloged mRNA for use in therapeutic vaccine, diagnostic, and even agricultural applications.

Pooja’s inspiration for her interest in science as a youth was quite remarkable. There was a scene in the movie Jurassic Park in which a mosquito’s DNA, contained in its remains in a clump of amber, is used to make dinosaurs. That was Pooja’s earliest memory of being excited about science.

We talked about:

  • How she got involved with mRNA

  • Her take on Moderna’s recent work with RSV

  • What she sees as one of the most significant way that mRNA has improved over time

  • Does mRNA cause genetic mutation?

  • What her company does and why it’s different

  • Her views on AAV

And much more!

Enjoy the show.

About Dr. Pooja Tiwari

ARNAV Biotech is an mRNA therapeutics company and CRO “democratizing access to mRNA therapeutics” for the global public health issues.

ARNAV is developing vaccines against several infectious diseases affecting millions of people worldwide. They are leveraging mRNA-based therapeutics rom CRISPR based gene editing, antivirals, antibodies and vaccines. Their aim is to bring affordable mRNA therapeutics, including next Disease “X” pandemic, to the public transcending the borders.

Dr. Tiwari is a molecular virologist and mRNA therapeutics scientist developing broad-spectrum antiviral therapeutics against viral infectious diseases with nearly 15 years of experience with her research published in best journals in the field including Nature Biotechnology, Nature communications, PNAS, Biomaterials etc.

Dr. Tiwari earned her Ph.D. in microbiology with specialization in virology and nanobiotechnology. During her PhD she developed anti-Respiratory syncytial virus therapeutics that they are currently licensing for clinical development. She has worked as post-doctoral scientist and research scientists at Emory University and Georgia Tech. Her research during her PhD and academic positions inspired her to focus on the translational research and applying her knowledge and intellectual property to bring these therapies from bench to the clinic.


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