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How this founder raised $230MM in capital

Carter Cliff comes across, to nearly all who meet him, as a humble and soft-spoken scientist. You would never guess that he is a high-geared businessman who has raised over $200 million for the entities that he is a part of.

This podcast is useful for biotech founders because you’ll hear the story of how Carter was able to penetrate the world of venture funding without being overly self-promotional. And in fact, it is his humility that was perhaps the largest contributor to his success in achieving this.

You’ll also hear practical tips and advice for biotech founders, such as:

  • What originally attracted him to stem cell research

  • The workaround he had to create due to lack of a venture fund to support his entities

  • The capital efficient way to develop a company early on

  • How he raised $230MM in venture funding

  • Where to find a good venture capital firm

  • Why alignment of interests matters so much in getting funded

  • What he loves most about building companies

Carter Cliff is the CEO of Papillon Therapeutics. Papillon is advancing genetic medicines for life threatening conditions including Cystinosis, Friedreich's ataxia, Danon disease, and Alzheimer's disease, and the company is currently partnered with Novartis on a phase 1/2 trial for their lead candidate in cystinosis. Carter has a multi-decade career in biotech and life sciences and is also a venture partner at Saisei Ventures where he helps launch biotechnology companies, and has raised over $200MM in funding across various ventures.

Enjoy the show!


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