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Making vaccine delivery as simple as the flick of a lighter

Our guest today is Gaurav Byagathvalli, a Geoge Tech alum and the CEO of Piezo Therapeurtics, a company developing an innovative nucleic acid delivery platform for DNA and mRNA vaccines. Instead of using complicated equipment they use simplified circuits, analogous to what is in a lighter, to product the same impulse. They then use microneedles, which function as electrodes, to conduct those pulses into your skin resulting in highly targeted, localized delivery.

You’ll learn:

  • What he learned about American healthcare by living in India, and why that motivated him to get into the industry

  • His motivation to create something low cost, accessible, and useful for other things

  • What the electropen mechanism is and how enables higher response for the DNA or mRNA vaccine delivered

  • The disadvantages of the lipid nanoparticle delivery system – manufacturing, synthesis, delivery, side effects

  • How vaccine hesitancy can be improved by this innovation

  • How they believe the FDA will respond

  • What applications the electropen may have outside of vaccines

  • How he raised $2MM of funding in a difficult year and the tips he has for others looking to do the same

  • How he sees the future of the Atlanta biotech community

And it doesn’t stop there – listen to the whole show!

About Gaurav Byagathvalli

Gaurav is a co-inventor of Piezo’s novel platform. Prior to Piezo, he’s served in a variety of roles at Moelis and Company, Capital One, and Elevance Health. He’s a published scientist with a background in vaccine delivery and synthetic biology. He holds a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.


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