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Pills are not the only solution to big pain! With Dr. Amy Baxter

Our guest today is Dr. Amy Baxter, the CEO of Pain Care Labs, a company dedicated to using mechanical platforms such as vibrating devices to alleviate fear and pain associated with needles as well as reducing muscular skeletal pain in adults.

In this podcast, we’ll cover:

· How she went from being a pediatric physician to a biotech entrepreneur

· Why needle fear is so prevalent for adults born in 1982 or later

· Why electricity doesn’t block big pain

· Where the biggest percentage of people who become addicted to opioids comes from

· Her go to market plan and how she plans to execute it

· How she qualified for an SBIR, or Small Business Innovation Research, grant

And much more!

About Amy Baxter, MD

Dr. Baxter directs innovation, invention, operations and strategy for Pain Care Labs. After graduating from Yale University and Emory Medical School, as a double boarded pediatric emergency physician Dr. Baxter founded PEMA Emergency Research while also founding Pain Care Labs (initially called MMJ Labs).

Accomplishments include multiple textbook chapters, first author papers, and national and international invited lectures; innovation impact comes from multiple NIH SBIR Fast-Tracks, patents, and successfully pursuing 510(k) FDA clearances. Academic service includes numerous NIH Scientific Review Groups for multiple institutes, and the COVID-19 ACEP Field Guide Task Force. Recognition includes Forbes Ten Healthcare Disruptors, Inc. Top Women in Tech to Watch, Top 10 Innovative and Disruptive Women in Healthcare, a Wall Street Journal “Idea Person,” and the Most Innovative CEO from Georgia Bio. National and international speaking highlights include HHS testimony, Exponential Medicine “Future of Pain Management”, TEDx, State Department VentureWell keynote, and TEDMED. Also known as Robert A. Heinlein’s adopted granddaughter and for turning down Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank.


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