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The problem with how people take their medications

Today I am really excited to have Charles Gellman, CEO of HiDO Health. HiDO is a company that is focused on using artificial intelligence to help patients manage their medications for chronic disease. Each year, almost 250,000 in America die as a result of medical errors associated with lack of adherence to a prescription schedule, making it the third largest cause of death in the US.

You’ll learn:

· How septic shock from ruptured appendicitis altered the course of his career

· The problem with how people take their medications at home

· How they unintentionally came up with the idea for HiDO

· How many people in the US are caregivers, and what the impact of this innovation may be on them

· Health equity and how it raises the level of playing field and helps reduce disparities

· How it works with Medicare Advantage and insurance companies

· The impact on cost of care

But don’t take our word for it! Enjoy the show.

About Charles Gellman

Charles Gellman, MSHI is the CEO & Co-founder of HiDO Health. AI assisted robotics will alter the future of medicine and healthcare. An outgoing data scientist with a Masters in Clinical Informatics, he is also an accomplished speaker. He is one of the top voices on AI assisted robotics, digital health and the impact on care.

Charles Gellman was recently featured in a full feature documentary, "AI Robotics... The HiDO Story." He publishes his analyses regularly on the newsletter, "The Future of Care."

He is a former advisor for StartXMed and has worked in various executive roles at Startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. He received an MSHI degree from University of California at Davis, Medical School.


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